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Mir Ali
George Batrouni Phase diagrams of the one- and two-dimensional long range strongly interacting electron-phonon systems
Ergi Bufasi
Lincoln Carr Complex networks on quantum states: from quantum phase transitions to emergent dynamics of quantum cellular automata
Tadeusz Domanski Interplay between pairing and correlations in spin-polarized bound states
Ulrich Eckern Spin-polarized transmission through correlated heterostructures
Bartlomiej Gardas
Jacek Herbrych
Martin Hohenadler Fractionalized Metal in a Falikov-Kimball Model
Antoine Khater
Andrzej Kądzielawa
Romuald Lemański
Mariusz Lisowski
David Logan Many-body localisation in Fock-space: a local perspective
Maciej Maska Machine Learning
Juan Jose Mendoza Arenas
Marcin Mierzejewski Spin subdiffusion in disordered Hubbard chain
Elvira Muslimova
Andrzej M. Oleś Spin-Orbital Polarons in the Photoemission Spectra\\ of Doped Mott Insulators with Orbital Degeneracy
Mariusz Pietruszka Life – on the edge of chaos?
Michael Potthoff Geometrical Torque in Adiabatic Spin Dynamics
Peter Prelovsek Spin liquid in the Heisenberg model on a triangular lattice
Paweł Promny
Monika Richter
Katarzyna Roszak How to detect qubit-environment entanglement in pure dephasing evolutions
Krzysztof Rościszewski
Pedro Schlottmann Commensurate and incommensurate SDW, non-Fermi liquid behavior and the superconducting dome in heavy electron systems
Karol Wysokiński
Rok Žitko Interplay of spin and orbital degrees of freedom in multiorbital quantum impurity problems
Martin Žonda

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